Your chance to dive with a pioneering underwater archeologist

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Dr Spence with 825 pound iron cannon from an 18th century shipwreck in North Carolina

This is a rare opportunity for divers to get involved on a wreck dive with renowned pioneering underwater archaeoligist and shipwreck / treasure hunter, Dr Edward Lee Spence.  He is probably best known for his discovery of the “Hunley”, which was the first submarine in history to sink an enemy ship, but you can learn more about Dr Spence on this Wikipedia page

Now Dr Spence is trying to raise $20,000 to produce a short documentary tentatively titled Revealing the real Rhett Butler. It will be about a little known Charleston banker and shipping magnate named George Alfred Trenholm, who’s Civil War blockade running efforts made today’s equivalent of over three billion dollars in gold. He was brilliant, tall and handsome, and even President Davis praised his bravery.

Dr Spence has set up a kickstarter page where you may donate to this, and, if you donate $1,000 or more, he will take you and one of your friends out far an all day diving trip to the “Georgiana” and at least one other nearby American Civil War shipwreck. More details on this incredible opportunity can be found on the kickstart page.

If you are not able to afford that much, he has some other amazing offers if you aid his project including the chance to own a set of twelve buttons (as seen in the photo below) salvaged from the wreck of the American Civil War blockade runner “Georgiana”  The buttons are about 150 years old and are still in “like new” condition.

Dr Spence with buttons salvaged from Georgiana

You can keep up with Dr Spence via his Twitter account.

Some of the treasure Dr Spence has found in his career

Above, just some of the artifacts that Dr Spence has found in his career.