Vice President of PADI International Mark Caney launches his new book underwater

Mark Caney, Vice President of PADI International has made waves in the literary world after becoming the first author in the UK to launch his debut novel underwater.

Mark plumbed the depths of the Blue Planet Aquarium, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire; to promote his critically-aclaimed new paperback, Dolphin way: Rise of the Guardians.  Visitors to the aquarium were surprised to see the event taking place in the main exhibit of the aquarium, which has the largest collection of sharks in Europe.

Mark dived to 5 metres and gave a “reading” by removing his regulator and mouthing an excerpt, surrounded by some of the ocean’s most impressive predators, including stingrays and sand tiger sharks.  Three other divers were able to follow, reading laminated sections of the book and they also took down copies of the novel.  “These weren’t really in a saleable condition after the dive!”, Mark grinned upon surfacing.


His book is a novel set entirely underwater featuring the world of dolphins.  (  Mark said, “we know that dolphins have an intelligence comparable to our own, with a society and a sophisticated language.  Dolphin Way explores what is happening in that society when it comes under pressure from man’s exploitation of the sea”.

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