Tony Groom – A life underwater

Tony Groom is an ex British Royal Navy diver.   However, he is no normal diver.  At the age of just 23 in 1982, he found himself along with many other military personell down in the South Atlantic at the Falkland Islands fighting to protect the islanders from an invasion by the Argentinians.

Tony with a copy of his new novel In 2 Deep

Tony Groom with his first fictional novel “In 2 Deep”

Many of the bombs dropped by the Argentinians did not however explode on impact with their targets and in some situations, it was Tony and his collegues who bravely went in to defuse and remove these armaments.

Tony kept a meticulous diary of events as they unfolded that summer and years later after leaving the navy in 1982 and becoming a commercial diver, he turned his notes into a most compelling book entitled “Diver”   It not only covers his time in the Falklands but tells about his early years joining the Navy and his training and exploits onto his life in civvy street.

Tonys original book - Diver

Diver – the book

Now, Tony has written a new book – this time a work of fiction where Nick Carter, an ex navy diver is found illegally retrieving a valuable cannon from the depths of the Mediterranean. Nick has unwelcome visitors. Boarded, beaten and left for dead off the coast of Africa, Nick gives chase. But, his attackers have stolen something far more valuable than money. While in pursuit, Nick stumbles across a terrorist plot which could return Europe to the Dark Ages. The action then rampages across Morocco, through the ancient streets of Fes, into Casablanca, and culminates in a bloody confrontation in the normally tranquil waters of Gibraltar.

Tonys new novel - In 2 Deep

In 2 Deep

In 2 Deep is published later this month and I know I shall be ordering a copy soon as his book Diver is a compelling and fascinating read.

For more information on both of Tony’s books and to order, please visit his website