The HEPCA Mooring Team Returns from the Far South


The HEPCA mooring team returned from a weeklong trip in the far south where they preformed a much needed round of mooring maintenance and re-installations in the Satayeh region. The team could not have preformed its work without the cooperation of their members and supporters and without their willingness to protect the Red Sea from the ever mounting threats; during this expedition the HEPCA mooring team would like to thank the Highlife dive centre for providing their vessel for our team for an entire week.

During the week the HEPCA mooring team worked at eight dive sites installing thirty moorings; the situation as it stands is:
·        Got’et Hamata: 4 moorings
·        Satayeh- east:  8 moorings
·        Satayeh- west: 11 moorings
·        Got’et Satayeh: 2 moorings
·        Malahy: 4 moorings
·        Cloudy Reef: 4 moorings
·        Abu Galawa: 10 moorings
·        Gota’ Hmam: 2 moorings

Their team hopes to return to Satayeh in a few months; but for now they are back in the north resuming their maintenance rounds in Hurghada. Their team has returned with a serious concern over how boat operators utilize moorings and ask them to follow HEPCA’s Guidelines For Using Buoys. The mooring team stresses that the protection of our natural resources is a shared responsibility; we will only succeed in conserving them if we function with a communal spirit and think of our long term mutual benefit.

The entire HEPCA team would like to again thank the Highlife dive centre in Hamata for the provision of their vessel for the week long expedition.

HEPCA looks forward to the cooperation of all operators across the Red Sea and request that they allreport any violations or damaged moorings as soon as possible through the HEPCA website, or via their mooring team’s email