The Bahamas

The Bahamas are just 45 minutes flight time from Miami, Florida in the United States, but are classified as being in the Caribbean.

Enjoying some of the clearest waters in the world, there are many types of dive to be had including cliff, walls, caves, wrecks reef and shark.

Shark varieties include lemon, silky, bull, reef, nurse, tiger and hammerhead.

The Bahamas is composed of over seven hundred islands, sixteen have the infrastructure such as hotels, bed and breakfasts and landing strips for aircraft.

Stuart Cove’s is one of the largest dive operators in the Bahamas operating out of Nassau and they have recently sunk a wreck which is of UK origin to create an artificial reef.  It lies in about 30M just off the north west coast of Nassau.

The water clarity is so good you can stand on the back of your dive boat and see the wreck clearly on the bottom.

Water temperature year round is 28C, 83F with the best time to dive being April or September.

Diving is not rushed or busy so there is no chance of getting back onto the wrong boat.

Info on scuba diving met with Giovanni Grant, District Sales Manager for the Bahamas Tourist Office at the World Travel Market in London to find out about diving in the Bahamas. Duration: 4 minutes 31 seconds HD_wt

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For more information on the Bahamas and diving please visit the official tourism website for The Bahamas – www.bahamas.co.uk

Another resource for information on diving in the Bahamas is Caribbean diving dot com – Bahamas, with resorts and dive operators.