Sponsors needed for South Pacific trip

We have been offered a trip to a South Pacific destination by a tourist board in October, and whilst they are providing some sponsorship, we still have other costs that need to be met.

The whole project is expected to take around nine weeks of full time work.

We are looking for companies to sponsor us for some of the shortfall.

As professional media people,we are able to offer our services at that location for some stunning product shots (stills and high definitiion video) for you to use on your website, in publications or at exhibitions etc.

For your assistance, we would also provide in video placement for your product and also provide links to your website on our pages.

If you have other ideas of how we may help produce material for you in return for sponsorship, we would be pleased to hear from you!

To contact us, please click here:- http://info-on-scuba-diving.com/contact-us