Some new kit

Not everybody who watches our videos is actually a scuba diver! – yes, shocking I know, but it proves how interesting the underwater world is to people.

One person who watches our videos is Lloyd Bayley, an IT specialist who lives about 40Km north of Sydney, Australia.


Lloyd has recently started a podcast called Bayleys Banter which is an easy listening, family friendly show about his life in Australia which is nothing like the typical stereotypical images like Skippy, Neighbours, Dame Edna Everidge etc.  He also has some really nice video clips of where he lives which is on the outskirts of the bush – fascinating viewing!

Lloyd heard that we are running on a shoestring and wanted to help in some way so recently sent over by Paypal some money to enable us to purchase some equipment to allow the transfer and storage of all the video and other associated files faster and easier.  Filming in high definition takes a lot of computer power and storage and the device that Lloyd has purchased for us will certailnly improve the speed of the workflow as previously on location we were having to make DVD copies of the camera files then copying them onto a hard drive before being able to work on them.

If you would like to support us, please get in touch or donate, however small, via Paypal

Another way to support us without costing you a penny is to subscribe to us, friend us and rate/comment on our Youtube channel as we are aiming to get partner status which will help fund the continuation of producing video content.