Sarawak, Malaysia

A few years ago, before Info on scuba diving was thought of, we were lucky enough to be asked to produce a video to promote tourism and diving in the State of Sarawak, Malaysia. Sarawak is peninsular Malaysia and borders Indonesia and the Kindgom of Brunei. We spent three weeks travelling the area and filming both above and below the water, seeing amazing sites and getting access to areas most tourists never get close to so that we could film in greater detail. Highlights include the Orang-utan sanctuary, staying with the Iban – a tribal people who were once head-hunters, filming three million bats emerging from a huge cave system deep in the rainforest of Borneo and the remote Bario Highlands where the only access in is by flight over the mountains.

Part One – Welcome to Sarawak:Duration 7 minutes 43 seconds

Part Two – Welcome to Sarawak:Duration 8 minutes 11 seconds

Part Three – Welcome to Sarawak:Duration 5 minutes 45 seconds