New look to the website!

New website layout

We have not posted any new items in the blog for some time, but this is not because we have stopped doing anything – far from it!

We have been working on some new ideas and getting a new look to the website.

With all the content we intend to add, it was thought that the old site was cumbersome and hard to navigate when more content was to be added so we hope this new layout will make things easier for everyone!

We can also update pages much more easily as we no longer use html, but instead have opted to use php.

The other new feature of the site is that any video we produce in high definition will now have a HD icon beside it so that you know you can view it in full screen – here is the logo to watch out for –

The site has also been improved so that the search engines should find it more easily and I hope that will gain us more viewers. There will be some tweaking of the site as we iron out any bugs that we did not spot.

We hope you like the new layout and would like to hear what you think.