International Cleanup Day 2010

This is your last chance to have your gift matched by PADI for International Cleanup Day 2010 – that’s double the support for underwater environments this September.

This weekend, 25 September, nearly 1000 teams of dive volunteers are poised to take action to protect our oceans from the onslaught of marine debris. They will not only remove harmful litter by the boat load, they’ll collect data and become the eyes and ears for our underwater environments.

Make a gift today, and take advantage of this last chance opportunity to have every dollar matched. Your donation will:

  • Mobilize volunteer divers around the world with cleanup tools and information to remove underwater debris including deadly plastics and fishing gear.
  • Address policy to help unravel the environmental impacts of ocean pollution.
  • Advocate for marine life and fragile ecosystems affected by serious litter issues.

What’s more, for every donation of $50 or more today, you’ll get your own underwater cleanup bag so that you can take action against marine debris on every dive or snorkel.

Time is not on our side when it comes to the battle against ocean pollution and its affect on marine life. I urge you to give whatever you can now, and take advantage of this last chance matching opportunity.

Thank you for your involvement in this timely initiative.

Dr. Drew Richardson
Chairman, Project AWARE Foundation