HEPCA – September update

September Newsletter - HEPCA

September Newsletter

A Month of Cleanups

September is known as a month of cleanups. PADI holds their annual beach cleanup in this month and also the UNEP asks to “Clean up the World”. September was also a cleanup month for HEPCA.

On the 11th they organised an island cleanup on Abu Monkar with student volunteers of the national conference “Let’s take care of Egypt”. With 30 volunteers they managed to fill about 25 garbage bags with bottles, cans, plastics and debris and left the island as a cleaner place.

Only a few days later on the 17th Hurghada’s Public Beach 4 was on the agenda to become clean. Advertised through the social media channel of facebook (HEPCA can be found under “hepca – Caring for the Red Sea (official)”) around 25 people helped in the cleanup collecting especially plastic bags and bottles, which are one of the major threats for the coral reef and marine inhabitants. The sun went down before they managed to finish cleaning, so another cleanup on the same beach was organised on the 24th to make sure that this beach stays clean for a while.

HEPCA would like to thank all the helpful volunteers, who sacrificed a bit of their time to make Hurghada a cleaner location. It was a pleasure to see many people joining the cleanups spontaneously and not being afraid of making their hands dirty for a good cause.

Cleanups would not be as desperately needed as they are at the moment if people would dispose their waste properly in rubbish bins and not in the street or in the sea. But instead full rubbish bags are found floating in the sea (probably thrown overboard by daily, safari and private boats), plastic bags are flying over the country carried away by the wind and plastic bottles are being thrown out of the car window while driving.