GoPro HD cameras

Today we have been approved as an affiliate for GoPro cameras who are the world’s best selling wearable HD camera for sports.  These incredible small full high definition cameras have revolutionised the way programmes are made.  A number of broadcasters such as the BBC now use these on a regualr basis to get those otherwise impossible or hard to get shots.  The latest use I have seen is in part one of BBC Televisions Man Lab presented by James May where he attempts to diffuse a second world war bomb.

Although not designed specifically for scuba use, the Hero Surf is waterproof to 60M – here is a stunning example of what it can do.  Don’t forget to select the 720p view.


We are waiting to receive our own HD Hero Surf and as soon as we get it, will be trying it out and working on putting a segment together on our own experience with this stunning camera.  We also hope to talk with GoPro in a segment about the camera and its accessories and what the latest news is from them.

In the meantime, if you would like to purchase one yourself, please click on the link below.

Buy GoPro HERO Camera at