Fiji is known as the hub of the South Pacific due to its geographical location.   Some three hours flying time from Auckland in New Zealand, four hours from Sydney, Australia and ten hours from LA in the USA and Hong Kong.

Fiji has a reputation for its shark diving with eight species being native to the region – they are the Blacktip Reef, Whitetip Reef, Grey Reef, Silvertip, Tawny Nurse, Sicklefin Lemon, Bull and Tiger.

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Shark images courtesy Aqua-Trek Fiji

An Archipelago of around three hundred and thirty-three islands makes this a destination of vast choices and is the soft coral capital of the world.


Photos above courtesy of Lalati Resort & Spa Fiji

Info on scuba diving met with Thomas Valentine the senior marketing officer for Tourism Fiji at the World Travel Market in London on the 8th November 2011 and talked about what to expect when visiting Fiji as a diver. Duration:6 minutes 58 seconds HD_wt


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Images courtesy Mava Fiji


Images courtesy Matava Fiji & Tourism Fiji

For more information on visiting Fiji please visit the official tourism website