Fast delivery of sample torches!

Moray Dive Torches

The promised samples from Canadian dive-torch maker, Moray Dive Gear arrived in the post today.

They actually arrived before I got to the office so had to make a trip to the post office to collect them.

We have been sent three samples of the communication torch as you can see from the photograph above which is of the actual samples we have received.   They can also convert to a signalling strobe device as in the yellow one.   The standard LED torch head is to its left.

The samples sent are aimed at the leisure market primarily but a sturdier version in metal is also available for the pro diver or more demanding dives.

Also in the package was a Mark-Lite Chameleon which is a mini multi-colour strobe (this is between the yellow and pink torches). Each torch was supplied in a sealed, easy open bag complete with batteries, lanyard and instructions.

We have quickly tried all of them out and so far are impressed with the light output although we have not actually been in a completely dark space to try them.

One interesting thing is that the Mark-Lite is powered by a AA size lithium battery which is 3.6 volts rather than the usual 1.5 volts for this size.   Battery life for this device is quoted as being 200 hours – I don’t think I will put that to the test!

We just need some time now to do some proper tests and actually go diving with one! for more information.