Dolphin Way


Of all the sea creatures that exist, dolphins are surely the ones that foremost endure themselves to humans. 

We know that dolphins are highly social animals with an intelligence and ability to communicate that rival our own. They don’t make war or manipulate their environment so what are they using all that intelligence for? In the novel, Dolphin Way, we are taken into the sophisticated world of a culture very different from our own — one that has been based on millennia of harmonious co-existence with Ocean, the dolphins’ world.

In the story, the dolphins have their own belief system known as the Way. This is a code of behaviour they have followed for a million years, something between a religion and a philosophy. An essential tenant of the Way is that the dolphins must live in harmony with Ocean, their name for planet Earth. This has worked perfectly for many millennia but recently the balances have changed. Human activity is dramatically altering their world. The seas are filled with the confusing sounds of boat engines and sonar. The fish they eat, and the sea itself, are becoming contaminated. Their young are stillborn more often, they develop strange illnesses, they strand in large numbers. In particular, they are suffering due to dramatic overfishing of their food supplies by man.

Now, Mark Caney has written a novel exploring what happens when the inexorable pressures of man’s destructive influences on the environment disrupt this utopia, and how one dolphin struggles to keep his kind’s way of life intact. He must make sense of his own purpose in the clan and try to save one of the two intriguing females who attract and challenge him.

Dolphin Way is a novel set amongst the lives of the other major civilization inhabiting this planet: the dolphins. People have often wondered if we are the only intelligent life in the universe – we’re not, they’ve been here all along.

Sky, a male dolphin close to becoming an Initiate in the Way, unwillingly finds himself caught up in the violent consequences. To save the lives of his closest friends he will have to risk the worst punishment his clan can inflict and must decide between the two females who challenge everything he believes in.

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About the author:


Mark Caney is Vice President of PADI International and board member of marine charity Project Aware.  A keen diver since the age of eighteen, Mark has experienced many encounters with dolphins both in the wild, and in captivity, and has had the chance to study them in detail.  He is a qualified Marine Mammal Medic with BDMLR.

You can view an interview we did with Mark about PADI, on our website.