Bikini Atoll – live wreck talk by Lust4rusts Pete Mesley

Bikini Atoll has always been at the top of every wreck divers dream destination. And for good reason too! Nowhere else on earth will you get a more condensed area of Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers and Submarines from two world wars.

Come and join us for a one off evening with Pete Mesley (all the way from NZ) who will be sharing intriguing stories, amazing images and never before seen video footage of deep inside the USS Saratoga. So if you have a “Lust for Rust” do not miss this unique event!

This is an HD version of the talk given on the 29th September, 2014 at Bury Golf Club in the UK.

Hosted by Divelife a premier authorised scuba equipment retailer in the UK and presented by Info on scuba diving this is a must see event for anyone interested in WWII wrecks.

Pete regularly leads expeditions to Bikini.  For more information visit his website Lust4rust