Behind the scenes – Bourbon Kings – Guitarcam

I am out in the Seychelles covering the third International Carnaval de Victoria and have been lucky enough to work with the Bourbon Kings – Michael Quinn.

Gene Nelson, number one selling country and western artist was kind enough to let me attach an Intova Sport HD camera to the neck of his guitar to get this shot and this is the result.

The audio on this is not brilliant, but then this is not what these cameras are about!

This video is posted with the full permission of the Bourbon Kings, Michael Quinn and Gene Nelson the artists who appear in this video and Michael is the composer of the track.

You can download for free music from the Bourbon Kings here:-

For more videos from the Bourbon Kings visit Michaels channel

More information on the Intova Sport HD can be found at

Takamaka RumOur thanks go to Takamaka Rum for their kind sponsorship of our coverage of the 3rd Edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria