About Us

Some of us have been diving since 1995 and have experience of the PADI, BSAC and SAA organisations.

We have dived in and around the UK, The Middle East, Asia and Barbados.

Working in media has given us the opportunity to produce videos offline to promote diving and tourism for dive centres and tourism authorities. Now we are sharing our experiences online as we believe that there is not enough unbiased information about scuba diving in one place, and now attempt to address that issue in a video, magazine style of presentation.

Most videos are now produced in High Definition, and you will easily spot these by the logo alongside the descriptions and player.   To view them in high definition or those of you with slower internet connections, you may well want to pause the play until you see the video has downloaded fully and then click on the full screen icon in the player window to view.   To return to the normal view, press the esc key on your keyboard.

On this site, we aim to bring you unbiased information on equipment, dive sites, dive centres, innovations, fun stuff, help and contact information.

Join in the fun with us as we bring you the videos!


At present, we have no commercial funding, so if you have liked what you have seen, and would like to support us, please visit one of our affiliate partners, or consider donating something via Paypal for the cost of our servers.

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