A new way to meet divers

We have recently met via Twitter some people who run a website called Tripping.

Tripping is an online community for travelers to connect with locals for tips, shared cups of coffee
and even home stays.  They have members in over 175 countries.

On their site they have micro communities called “Networks.”  These Networks allow members to
connect based on shared interests and affiliations.  In addition to general networks such as the
wine lovers network, the foodies network and the yoga network, they also have dedicated networks
for a variety of partners including nonprofit organizations, Ivy League universities, associations and
even rock bands.

One of the networks on the site belongs to the PADI Travel Network.  Through the network, members
can connect with local divers as they travel, all over the world.  They can also share tips, go diving
together and even arrange for free homestays.

In addition to their platform making it easy for divers to connect via such features as built-in calendaring
and SMS text messaging directly through the site, they also provide a variety of safety features. These
features are part of the TripSafe Program and include references, anonymous ratings and Skype validation,
which involves an interview via Skype during which they verify a member’s identity.

It seems an interesting concept so take a look!