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The Great Northern Dive Show – Manchester, England

the great northern dive showThe inaugural launch of The Great Northern Dive Show will commence at Event City in Manchester on Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th April 2016.

However, this show is not just about Scuba Diving it’s a show within a show!!

You will be met at the door by our stunning Show Girls, or maybe Batman or Ariel, or some other Comic Con characters you will just have to wait and see!!

You will be entertained with an amazing singer Olivia Garcia and the guys from Trucolours who will be dancing to the sounds of the sea??!! You won’t want to miss this!!!

Walk past  “Real life Mermaids” in the world’s largest portable pool “The Aqua Theatre” (yes, the one they had on Britain’s Got Talent) or see how a Diver who goes really, really deep does it, what equipment he uses and how he survives!!

Listen to amazing speakers from all over the world, Andy Torbert, Mark Powell, Paul Toomer, Rosemary Lunn, Ash Roberts, Ian France, John Kendal, Kelvin Murry, Louise Forse, Garry Dallas and Nick and Caroline Robinson-Brown.

There will be a fashion show, with the lovely Miss Lancashire and other stunning models and SeaLIFE will be taking an interactive Rock Pool and a conservation beach, so if you want to discover the creatures of the deep, or maybe build a sand castle book a day with them!!

Lots of other interactive games for you to play AND so many more surprises that await your appearance!!!

Only 10 percent of the Oceans have been discovered why not go and see if you can be part of the new team that will boldly go where no man or woman has been before!!!

If you wish to book a stand or buy a ticket please contact ruth@h2odivers.co.uk

Tickets are £8.00 per adult and £5.00 per child and can be purchased via www.ticketline.co.uk or direct from ruth@h2odivers.co.uk

Check out their website for further details.

Bikini Atoll – live wreck talk by Lust4rusts Pete Mesley

Bikini Atoll has always been at the top of every wreck divers dream destination. And for good reason too! Nowhere else on earth will you get a more condensed area of Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers and Submarines from two world wars.

Come and join us for a one off evening with Pete Mesley (all the way from NZ) who will be sharing intriguing stories, amazing images and never before seen video footage of deep inside the USS Saratoga. So if you have a “Lust for Rust” do not miss this unique event!

This is an HD version of the talk given on the 29th September, 2014 at Bury Golf Club in the UK.

Hosted by Divelife a premier authorised scuba equipment retailer in the UK and presented by Info on scuba diving this is a must see event for anyone interested in WWII wrecks.

Pete regularly leads expeditions to Bikini.  For more information visit his website Lust4rust

Picture Fix from Vivid-Pix

From Vivid Pix comes Picture-Fix, a stand alone programme designed to fix colour in underwater photographs.

How many times have you taken photos underwater and been disappointed by the lack of colour?

Picture Fix solves this in a few easy steps.

This programme is ideal for you if you do not have the budget for programmes such as Adobes Photoshop or you do not want to learn complex methods for regaining the colour.

Picture Fix is a very affordable $49.99 and is available for both the PC & MAC

Created by ex Kodak employees Randy Fredlund & Rick Voight.

Using complex algorithms based on thousands of underwater images, it creates a “best match” as a starting point for your image to be corrected.

You can download a trial version or buy the product from Vivid-Pix

(The trial version will not allow you to save any images you have corrected, but does allow you to use all the other functionality of the programme)


Before and after shots using the Picture Fix application – (images tagged “vivid” are the adjusted images)

Our thanks to Randy & Rick for sending us the full version to evaluate.

Visit to Apeks Marine factory

Yesterday I visited the Apeks Marine factory in Blackburn, UK and met with Peter Greenwell the sales manager for a tour to see how Apeks regulators are made – wow! what a factory! I am sure most divers do not realise just how much goes into that piece of live sustaining equipment – thanks Peter. We shall be sharing some photos of the tour on our website soon.


Peter Greenwell – Sales Manager Apeks Marine

Laurent Bêche underwater photographer

Info on scuba diving meets with Laurent Bêche, an award winning underwater French photographer, living on the Island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean.

Laurent tells us how he started taking photographs underwater and shows us his book “Réunion de couleurs sous marines” Below are some sample images from his book.

Our thanks to Laurent for permission to use his photographs on our website.

To buy Laurents book, visit his website http://laurentbeche.free.fr/